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The ACSR also collaborates with individual NIH-funded investigators and cooperative groups studying HIV/AIDS and HIV-associated malignancies to serve as a repository for biospecimens and provide specialized core services. Data provided on the are updated weekly on Sundays. The information provided is a representation of the samples that are available in the ACSR inventory explorer to help researchers determine sample sizes for power analyses and for grant submissions to test scientific hypotheses related to HIV. Exact numbers of specimens available, particularly for rare sample types/diagnoses, cannot be guaranteed as this is a dynamic inventory and all tissue specimens are re-reviewed to confirm diagnoses and adequacy of materials before disbursement. The ACSR continues to develop special sets of specimens.

TISSUE MICROARRAYS (TMAs) on the ACSR Digital Library

Images of select number of ACSR Tissue Microarrays are viewable via the ACSR Digital Library. The ACSR Image Access Agreement must be completed to access the Library’s Dashboard.

How to apply

The ACSR solicits two types of Letters of Intent (LOI) – short and standard form from HIV investigators throughout the year with a minimum of paperwork. The application process is simple and straightforward.

  • The Short form LOI is designed for pilot studies in which a minimal amount of biospecimens are needed for test/assay development, quality control, and/or preliminary/pilot research. The short form LOI allows a researcher to request up to 20 biospecimens on a one-time basis for a particular study.
  • The Standard form LOI is used for all other requests.

Investigators are encouraged to contact us prior to the submission of LOI to determine which form best fits their needs.