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What is the AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR)?

The primary commitment of the ACSR is to encourage research in the field of HIV-associated malignancies, both AIDS defining and non-AIDS defining.  To that end, the ACSR not only provides historical biospecimens (both pre- and post-HAART), but in order to meet the emerging needs of the research community, it actively acquires new biospecimens from HIV-infected individuals from across the United States as well as from developing countries experiencing a high burden of the HIV epidemic and its associated malignancies. In addition to operating a large, existing biospecimen repository, the ACSR serves the research community as a resource for well-documented, disease-associated biospecimens that may not currently exist in the ACSR but may be acquired from an extensive network of outside collaborators.


The ACSR strives to be a partner with investigators working in research related to HIV-associated malignancies. It is prepared to provide relevant biospecimens to the research community at large, including researchers in academia and industry. Given its track record on assisting research and advances in the field, the ACSR is optimistic about a continued contribution to the acceleration of drug development timelines and facilitation of the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to HIV-associated malignancies.


Finally, as research questions regarding the pathogenesis of AIDS and cancer evolve over time, the ACSR continues to evolve to reflect the needs of investigators involved in these critical fields of research.


Who can receive biospecimens from the ACSR?

The ACSR provides biospecimens and patient data to qualified investigators who submit sound research protocols in accordance with the priorities established by the ACSR Steering Committee. Protocols are further reviewed by the Research Evaluation and Decision Panel (REDP), an independent panel of experts who reviews applications for scientific merit and priority. The biospecimens and clinical data are available for research studies, particularly those that translate basic research findings to clinical application.


Use of biospecimens

Biospecimens from the ACSR are provided to approved investigators for research purposes only.  Biospecimens and their products shall not be sold or used for commercial purposes, nor will biospecimens be distributed further to third parties for purposes of shared research, sale or producing for sale, cells or cell products. The biospecimens are provided as a service to the research community without warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, expressed or implied.